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11/02/2017 - Midnight Reads – Thanks to Wall St., There May Be Too Many Restaurants

Thanks to Wall St., There May Be Too Many Restaurants

– The New York Times 

After a prolonged stretch of explosive growth, fueled by interest from Wall Street, experts say there are now too many fast-food, casual and other chain restaurants. Since the early 2000s, banks, private equity firms and other financial institutions have poured billions into the restaurant industry as they sought out more tangible enterprises than the dot-com start-ups that were going belly-up. The number of restaurants is growing at about twice the rate of the population.


When the Kitchen Isn’t Safe for Women

– The New York Times 

Raunchy talk can pave the way for something more sinister. Yet such talk is celebrated in many chef memoirs. The New York Times opinion page looks at sexual harassment in the restaurant industry.


Why Americans Have Stopped Eating Leftovers

– The Washington Post 

New research shows American consumers throw away 27 million tons of food each year, clogging landfills, generating greenhouse gasses, and costing the economy an estimated $144 billion.


12 Things You Should Know About Janus V. AFSCME

– Inside Sources 

The Supreme Court could soon outlaw public-sector unions from requiring nonmembers to pay dues or fees as part of a lawsuit which aims to dramatically change national labor law. The impact to unions could be devastating because a majority of union members — and therefore union membership revenues — come from government employees. This article outlines the major issues at play in the case.