About 6 years ago

03/02/2017 - Midnight Reads – Is the Tide Turning on Local Minimum Wage?

– Bloomberg BNA
Bloomberg takes a deep dive into the minimum wage trend line, highlighting Illinois and California case studies were cities have opted against county minimum wage and paid sick-leave ordinances.
– Hunt Scanlon Media 
Fifty nine percent of America’s workforce is made up of hourly workers. A new report explores who these hourly employees are and how employers are helping to move their careers forward.
– The Atlantic 
America’s economy depends on the trucking industry. Despite surging demand for goods delivered via big rigs, the industry is in a constant driver shortage, largely because of the long hours, relatively low pay and tough working conditions that come with being a truck driver. The Atlantic looks at this dynamic and explores how truck drivers will likely soon be replaced with “truck monitors” and why having our highways filled with self-driving 18-wheelers may be a boon to the economy.
– Governing 
President Donald Trump said again Tuesday that he was preparing to spend big on infrastructure. But even as he spoke, administration officials and congressional leaders were telling governors to expect little new federal investment in roads, bridges, transit systems, dam repairs and other water works. Instead, the administration and congressional leaders plan to take a more incremental approach of spurring public-private partnerships, such as toll roads, by loosening environmental reviews, removing other red tape and possibly approving new tax credits.