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12/23/2016 - Midnight Reads – Trump’s Commitment to Infrastructure Vow Is Being Questioned

Trump’s Commitment to Infrastructure Vow Is Being Questioned
– ABC News
The Associated Press reports there’s reason to doubt that Trump’s talk of a big infrastructure plan will amount to much. Trump’s own team has tried to play down the idea that infrastructure will be a first 100 days kind of priority, and there are definitely some skeptics out there about Trump’s plan to use tax breaks, instead of direct spending, to incentivize infrastructure investment. Those skeptics, the AP’s Joan Lowy notes, might include Trump himself.

With Cabinet Nominees, a Challenge to See Which Master Is Served
– The New York Times
Federal statures prohibit government officials from receiving any outside compensation for their work and bar them from acting in ways that favor their own financial interests. These laws present challenges for the corporate executives Rex W. Tillerson from Exxon Mobil and Gary D. Cohn of Goldman Sachs, along with the investment billionaires Wilbur L. Ross and Steven Mnuchin, who have been named by President-elect Donald J. Trump to senior positions in his administration.

Big Utility Sees Pathway to $10 Oil
– Bloomberg
The falling cost of solar power and battery storage, rising sales of electric cars, increasingly “smart” buildings and cheap hydrogen will continue to push the price of oil down over the next 10 years, cites a renowned oil and energy expert.

Send Everyone Home for Christmas. Nobody’s Working Anyway
– Bloomberg
Bloomberg looks at a new study that examines the “great Christmas checkout,” the phenomenon whereby people mentally check out of their jobs (even if present) around the holidays. The study finds that, due in large part to a growing millennial workforce, this checkout is coming earlier and earlier every year.