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04/25/2017 - Midnight Reads – Will Congress Get Rid of Mandatory Overtime Pay?

Will Congress Get Rid of Mandatory Overtime Pay?

– Yahoo Finance

Currently, millions of employees in the United States are required to be paid overtime (time and a half) if they work more than 40 hours in a given week. But, a new bill in Congress proposes changing that. The Working Families Flexibility Act of 2017 proposes allowing employees to receive compensatory time (extra paid time off) instead of overtime payments.


After Losing Ground, Democrats Try to Jump Start Support from Working Class

– The San Diego Union Tribune

The San Diego Union Tribune looks at how activists in Southern California are trying to rejuvenate the Democratic party’s rapport with working-class families. In California, about 16 percent of voters come from union households, and exit polls show 31 percent of those supported Trump.


Americans Trust Their Friends, Not Media or Government

– Axios

The volatile relationship between the Administration and the news media, combined with the prevalence of fake news and misleading content online, is causing Americans to feel more confused about who and what to believe than ever before. Television, newspapers, big business and Congress are now America’s least trusted institutions.


How Technology Communication Will Spark a Restaurant Revolution

– Fast Casual 

Technology is already playing a larger role across every facet of the restaurant industry. Applications tied to virtually every element of dining out are improving the customer experience, but apps – and the technology behind them – can also provide incredible insights into restaurant operations and create customer service efficiencies in a more streamlined and profitable way.