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08/23/2017 - Midnight Reads – There Will Be More Food Service Jobs Than Manufacturing Jobs by 2020

There Will Be More Food Service Jobs Than Manufacturing Jobs by 2020

– Payscale Human Capital 

Jobs in the food service industry are growing faster than in manufacturing, construction and healthcare. Employment at sit-down restaurants make up 50 percent of the category, while fast-food restaurants account for 37 percent of the growth. Other establishments, like bars at 3 percent, make up the rest, according to analysis from The Atlantic. Especially in cities, restaurant work is really what’s fueling the economy.


Minimum-Wage Boosts Only Encourage More Bots, Researchers Say

– HR Drive

Two economists said they’ve found new evidence that minimum-wage hikes force employers to automate low-skilled workers’ jobs, reports CNBC. According to David Neumark of UC Irvine and Grace Lordan of the London School of Economics, the low-skilled workers hit hardest by unemployment are young, old, black and female. The research defined low-skilled workers as those with a high school education or less.


A Wild Vision of The Future Run by Amazon and Whole Foods

– Fast Company 

Since Amazon bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, consumers have been left wondering what that partnership will ultimately look like. Here’s a preview.
Are Caregiving Benefits the Next Silver Bullet for Retention?

– HR Drive 

It’s estimated over 65 million people, nearly 30% of the U.S. population, cares for a family member. Many companies are trying to respond to their needs with extended leave options, but time off may not be enough. Most companies allow employees to use their accrued time off for caregiving, but less than half provide programming like caregiver support groups, counseling services, or subsidized in-home back-up care. As the reality of caring for aging parents and those with special needs continues to grow, employers can participate in caregiving programs to retain valuable staff members.