About 3 years ago

01/03/2020 - Minimum Wage Increases Fueling Faster Wage Growth For Those At The Bottom

-The Washington Post
Slow wage growth has plagued the economy ever since jobs started coming back after the Great Recession. But that has been changing, with wages rising at all levels and especially for those at the bottom.
– The Wall Street Journal
As fertility falls and immigration tightens, the U.S. is losing its demographic advantage over other countries. Employment is growing much faster than the population and low fertility and immigration could further hamper population growth.
– Bloomberg Law
The new year will bring no shortage of state employment law changes with California reclassifying thousands of gig workers as employees, minimum wages rising in half the states, and salary thresholds climbing for white-collar overtime pay exemptions.
– The Wall Street Journal
Economic slowdown and trade uncertainty are top concerns in a survey of global business leaders.