About 5 years ago

06/14/2018 - A Minimum-Wage Worker Can’t Afford A 2-Bedroom Apartment Anywhere In The U.S.

– The Washington Post
An annual report released by the National Low Income Housing Coalition found not a single state in the U.S. where a minimum wage worker can afford a two-bedroom apartment.
 Bloomberg Law
The EEOC sent the White House updated guidance on combating workplace harassment about a month after reports of sexual assaults by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein launched the #MeToo movement. Half a year later, the guidance is still on hold.
The federal agency tasked with investigating sexual harassment in the workplace has seen its web traffic triple since the #MeToo movement began last fall, according to an official, but the number of complaints it’s received has remained steady. Many speculate that more cases are being handled internally at companies. What is clear is that awareness and workplace culture is changing.
– The New York Times
Lots of smart technologists and futurists are convinced that we are on the cusp of a world in which artificial intelligence, robotics and other technologies will make a large portion of today’s jobs obsolete. A universal basic income – the idea that the government simply give each citizen enough money every month to support basic needs – has fans among both free-market libertarians and socialists.