About 3 years ago

02/20/2020 - New Jersey Governor Proposes Antiharassment Legislation

-The Wall Street Journal
Gov. Murphy said Tuesday that he wants to allow domestic workers and unpaid interns to file discrimination lawsuits and extend the statute of limitations for all such complaints to three years from two. His proposed legislation would also require all public and private employers to provide antidiscrimination and antiharassment training.
– The New York Times
Even with widening geographic inequality, economic activity is less concentrated in a few top metro areas than in the past.
– The Washington Post
Zimmern uses the information that he and his Intuitive Content crew unearth not as a traditional journalist would – merely to inform the public – but to shape public opinion. He has a point of view on each of the subjects he covers: immigration, climate change, addiction, voter suppression and health care.
– The New York Times
Employees at the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter voted on Tuesday to unionize, the first well-known technology company to take the step toward being represented by organized labor.