About 3 years ago

12/31/2019 - A New Year’s Resolution For Corporations: Address The Trust Crisis

-The Wall Street Journal
“Trust is more important than ever to business success and sustainability over the long term,” Gallup said in a recent report on corporate reputation. “More than ever, integrity is the ultimate brand attribute.”
– The Washington Post
The latest lingo – most prevalent among Silicon Valley companies – reflects millennial and Gen Z employees’ expectations about work, diversity experts say, as well as the impression that other concepts haven’t made enough progress retaining diverse employees.
– The New York Times
A state act to protect part-timers at companies like Uber and Lyft takes effect on Wednesday. Some freelancers say it will limit their prospects.
– The Wall Street Journal
New state census totals show population continuing to shift from the North and Midwest to the South and Southwest in ways that could help states that have voted Republican in recent years.