About 4 years ago

10/31/2019 - New York City Council Calls For Grubhub To Refund Restaurants

-The New York Times
On Wednesday, more than 30 members of the Council sent a letter to Grubhub’s chief executive, Matt Maloney, calling for him to hire a third-party company to evaluate complaints that Grubhub has charged restaurants for phone calls that never resulted in orders.
– The Washington Post
The chicken sandwich wars between Chick-fil-A and Popeyes are merely a ploy by fast-food chains to get us to pay attention to other proteins when really, Americans are still all about the beef.
– The Wall Street Journal
Retail warehouse operations are turning to ‘cobots’ to help seasonal workers cope with the expected flood of online orders.
– The New York Times
The push for convenience is having a stark impact on gridlock, roadway safety and pollution in New York City and urban areas around the world.