About 4 years ago

07/09/2019 - It’s Not Just Paychecks: The Surprising Society-Wide Benefits Of Raising The Minimum Wage

– The Washington Post
On Monday afternoon, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that raising the minimum wage to the $15 level proposed by many Democratic candidates could cost 1.3 million jobs, while raising the earnings of 27.3 million workers.
– The Guardian
A federal panel, consisting mainly of Trump-appointed members, issued a decision in May to impose a new union contract for the 45,000 federal employees at the SSA. The move came despite a federal judge’s decision last year to strike down most provisions in similarly issued orders for violating collective bargaining rights for federal employees.
– Forbes
McDonald’s called its move toward fresh beef Quarter Pounders its most significant change since 2015 and the effort is paying off.
– Bloomberg
Recycle Track Systems can help route waste away from landfills and alert companies when trucks are nearing a pickup point.