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06/18/2018 - Obamacare Premiums Are Going To Go Up In 2019: Here’s What You Should Know

– Vox
Vox breaks down what Obamacare looks like now and the potential impacts.
 The New York Times
On Friday, McDonald’s became the latest big company pledging to curb the use of plastics. The fast-food chain outlined plans to phase out plastic straws across its 1,361 restaurants in Britain, which currently use 1.8 million plastic straws a day, by the end of next year.
– The New York Times
Whether women work at Walmart or on Wall Street, getting pregnant is often the moment they are knocked off the professional ladder. Throughout the American workplace, pregnancy discrimination remains widespread. The number of pregnancy discrimination claims filed annually with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been steadily rising for two decades and is hovering near an all-time high.
– CityLab
In less than a week, D.C. voters will head to the polls to decide if the minimum wage should rise for workers who earn tips. Initiative 77 is perhaps the most fraught issue in the District’s election cycle, turning the town into a proxy war between two national restaurant groups. Whatever happens here, it’s just the start. With national advocacy organizations leading the charge, you can expect this battle to make its way to cities and states around the country in short order.