About 5 years ago

09/26/2018 - One Reason For Slow Wage Growth? More Benefits

– The New York Times
One of the most perplexing questions about the nation’s economic recovery is why a tight labor market has not translated into faster wage growth. Part of the answer appears to be that American workers are receiving a growing share of compensation in the form of benefits rather than wages.
 The New York Times
Tax cuts, spending increases and higher interest rates could make it harder to respond to future recessions and deal with other needs.

Amazon Is Doling Out Raises Of As Little As 25 Cents An Hour In What Employees Call ‘Damage Control’

– The Washington Post
Amazon.com, fighting back against the image of poor working conditions at its warehouses, has been calling workers around the country into “all-hands” meetings in the past week where they’ve been given raises – of 25 to 55 cents an hour, according to employees.
– Pew Charitable Trusts
Pew Trusts provides a summary of the past three years of local and state paid leave battles.