About 7 years ago

02/05/2016 - Our New Daily Email: Not Breaking News, Not News Clips, Just Food For Thought…

At the beginning of the year, our firm launched a new daily email for clients and friends called Food For Thought.

As one might imagine, our team does a lot of reading and writing in service to our clients. We produce publications, white papers and briefs that offer analysis of different news developments and policy issues.

Our goal with these, almost universally, is not about the WHAT (The news itself).

Our aim is to go deeper and examine the SO WHAT? (Why something is important or why it should matter to our clients) and the NOW WHAT? (An educated prediction about what will happen next).

That process means a constant sharing of different articles among our people, the exchange of content that sparks debate or compelling conversations around the office; or that just makes our people think.

So, the goal of Food For Thought is basically to pass along a handful of “think pieces” each day to clients and friends that might do the same for them.

Every day we’re now sending out a short, suggested reading list that covers a wide spectrum of issue areas; politics and government, culture, economics, and issues related to hourly employers (because that’s a large share of our client base).

One month into the life of Food For Thought, I am cautiously declaring the effort a success. We’ve had a great response from clients. And, the process of putting the email publication together is a good one in terms of making our group of “information junkies” that much better at their jobs.

So, if you’re interested in receiving a few articles each day that we think are particularly interesting, thought-provoking and worth a read, let us know. We’d be happy to put you on our distribution list.