About 5 years ago

04/09/2018 - Paid Maternity Leave? Your Baby Will Get The Bill.

Paid Maternity Leave? Your Baby Will Get The Bill.

– The Washington Post

George Will writes the conservative manifesto for how paid leave has become a bipartisan entitlement program with significant economic consequences.

Diane Sawyer Investigates Workplace Sexual Harassment Of Women Across The U.S. In New Special

– People

Women employed in the hospitality, waitressing, trucking and delivery industries spoke with ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer about the harassment they face from those in authority and the customers they serve in a new special report, My Reality: A Hidden America.

Oakland Restaurant Devises System To Combat Customers’ Harassment Of Workers

– San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle looks at how one restaurant has developed a system that allows a server to tell her manager if a table is behaving badly simply by saying yellow, orange or red to indicate the level of harassment.

A Long Disruption Is Ahead, With Low-Paying Jobs

– Axios

The last few months have seen a rash of studies on a coming automation apocalypse, and analysts are moving to a few targeted worries about the jobs future.