About 5 months ago

05/04/2021 - Pandemic Relief Fund for Restaurants Is Open, But Cash Will Go Fast

– The New York Times
The Small Business Administration program is offering $28.6 billion in grants to food businesses including bars and caterers.
– The New York Times
As the world’s most visited country prepares for a long-awaited economic reopening, hospitality businesses warn they are facing a labor shortfall.
– The Wall Street Journal
Both Republicans and Democrats are eager to court blue-collar voters, though the GOP hasn’t unified behind a policy platform to support that goal.
– Bloomberg
With voter restrictions spreading to Florida, Arizona, and other states, the pressure on corporations to respond shows no signs of letting up. Veterans of past social justice fights say the current one reminds them of another political battle that gripped corporate America five years ago and could play out the same way: the push for LGBTQ equality.