About 5 years ago

09/11/2018 - A Path Forward On Paid Family Leave

– The Hill
Although conservatives and liberals both agree that having access to paid leave confers several benefits on working families, such as improved labor force participation and better health outcomes for children and mothers, they have debated the costs, flexibility for states and employers, and potential work disincentives or misuse of benefits.
 The New York Times
Experts debate the shortcomings of political polling in the modern era.
– Vox
Millions of American workers have given up their right to go to court just to earn a paycheck. They can’t sue their employer for sexual harassment, or for racial discrimination, or for stealing their wages, or for nearly anything else. That’s because these employees signed so-called mandatory arbitration agreements that are the new normal in American workplaces.
– The Washington Post
The wave of corporate activism, experts say, is one way for businesses to connect with politically minded shoppers, even if they risk offending others.