About 4 years ago

02/20/2019 - On Paying For A Progressive Agenda

– The New York Times
Whoever gets the Democratic nomination, she or he will run in part on proposals to increase government spending. And you know what that will mean: There will be demands that the candidate explain how all this will be paid for.
 The Washington Post
Splitting lots and building smaller homes may be one of the many solutions to create more affordable housing in American cities. The challenge is that existing zoning regulations often don’t allow it.
– The Wall Street Journal
Visa and Mastercard are raising certain debit – and credit-card fees. Visa’s move is expected to cost U.S. merchants at least an additional $570 million through April 2020, according to one estimate.
– Business Insider
All caveats aside, the gap between the CEO and the average worker is stark. For every $1 the average Starbucks worker made in 2018, CEO Kevin Johnson made $1,049 – and the gap was even greater at other fast-food industry giants.