About 4 years ago

04/05/2019 - Pork Industry Soon Will Have More Power Over Meat Inspections

– The Washington Post
The Trump administration plans to shift much of the power and responsibility for food safety inspections in hog plants to the pork industry as early as May, cutting the number of federal inspectors by about 40 percent and replacing them with plant employees.
 The New York Times
The plaintiffs want a judge to force Disney to create internal programs to “remedy the effects of Disney’s past and present unlawful employment policies,” including adjusting salaries and benefits for other women and creating a task force that compiles reports on progress.
– Fortune
Katie Donovan started the movement to ban employers from asking about salary history in job interviews – one way that the cycle of lower pay for women and other underrepresented groups is perpetuated as employees move from job to job. Laws governing how or whether employers can ask about salary history started with a ban in Massachusetts and have now spread to 13 states and 12 cities.
– RouteFifty
A bill that would establish federal standards for the labels, first introduced in 2016, has gone nowhere in Congress. Meanwhile, 43 states have their own rules, but they vary widely. Most limit labeling requirements to certain items, such as milk or shellfish. Some states prohibit the sale of past-date foods, and about half restrict donations of them. And the seven states without any laws leave it up to manufacturers. The result: confusion for retailers and consumers, who throw out tons of food that is perfectly safe to eat.