About 2 years ago

04/22/2021 - President Biden Urges Businesses To Use Paid Leave To Help Workers Get COVID-19 Vaccines

The IRS was expected to post instructions Wednesday for how businesses can claim the credit, worth up to $511 per day off per worker. The reimbursement is available to companies with fewer than 500 workers, covering nearly half of all private sector employees.
– The New York Times
Poor nations would be particularly hard hit, but few would escape, Swiss Re said. The findings could influence how the industry prices insurance and invests its mammoth portfolios.
– The Wall Street Journal
Companies are feeling pressure from younger customers and their own employees to take a position on voting rights, other issues.
– Associated Press
Some restaurants, fed up with the fees, have since started their own delivery or dropped off the platforms altogether. Delivery companies are trying to keep them in the fold with lower-priced services and relief funds. But they’re not making money either.