About 4 years ago

11/02/2018 - President Trump’s Top Economic Adviser: A Federal Minimum Wage Is A Terrible Idea. A Terrible Idea.

– The Washington Post
The White House’s top economic adviser said Thursday that he opposes the federal minimum wage, arguing that the decades-old law is a “terrible idea” that drives up costs for small businesses across the country.
USA TODAY published a breathtaking economic profile of all 50 states, ranked by household income. Embedded within it is arguably the greatest unseen political truth of our time. What you see is exactly the reverse of our cultural mythology: Heading into midterms, Republicans are very much the party of the poor and Democrats are the party of the rich. This seemingly sounds nuts. It isn’t.

The Great Family Exodus

– Axios
American cities are becoming more and more unfriendly to families, and new parents are fleeing for the exurbs, where housing is more affordable and schools are better. In a trend that is building its own momentum, cities are increasingly dominated by wealthy, childless residents. In the future, shifting local priorities could write kids out of urban life for good.
– Axios
Numerous studies signal a surge of youth voting in the midterm elections. But what has been less apparent is that millennials – as a group holding very different views by and large from older Americans – may significantly increase their seats in state legislatures and Congress.