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08/14/2018 - They, Them, Theirs? The Push For Going Gender-Neutral In The Workplace

– CNN Money
This is emerging territory for workplaces,” says Beck Bailey, deputy director of workplace equality at the Human Rights Campaign. “Non-binary people have always existed, but the idea of openly discussing and making space for welcoming non-binary people is something that’s really happening only the last couple of years.”
Forbes gives some analysis of the economic and metrics that face franchisees.
– The New York Times
The data collection is invisible to those being watched. Using sensors in your phone or code on websites, companies can gather thousands of data points, known as “behavioral biometrics,” to help prove whether a digital user is actually the person she claims to be.
– The New York Times
The term doesn’t mean much in restaurants, which are not required to undergo the same rigorous certifying process as farms and food companies.