About 3 years ago

11/14/2019 - As Push For Higher Minimum Wages Grows, New York Offers A Test Case

-The New York Times
Fed research suggested higher minimum wages did not cost jobs in border counties. Industry-level analysis and real-life stories back that up – with caveats.
– The Financial Times
Columnists from The Financial Times lean into McDonald’s after the firing of its CEO for his relationship with a subordinate.
– The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal’s ‘Chief Economic Commentator’ shares why he thinks both Republicans and Democrats are using an “outdated playbook” when it comes to talking about the economy to influence voters.
– Business Insider
Almost half of Americans are not eating out as much as they want to, according to data from the National Restaurant Association. And, when they do go out, it isn’t to the sit-down, casual-dining chains that once represented a cornerstone of the cheery, neighborhood-based American dream.