About 4 years ago

10/29/2018 - Red-Hot Economy? Women Aren’t Convinced

– The New York Times
A remarkable gender gap has opened up in Americans’ views of their own finances and the broader national economy. Men feel better about the economy than they have in more than a decade. Women are far more skeptical. And the sharp divide has emerged since President Donald Trump was elected two years ago.
 The Guardian
In eight cities across the US, almost 8,000 Marriott hotel employees are walking picket lines demanding better wages, workplace safety, and a seat at the table for technology changes in the latest strike organized among America’s low-wage workers. Although the workers represent a small fraction of total worldwide Marriott employees, the union representing striking workers, Unite Here, is calling this “the largest multi-city hotel strike in North American history.”

Now Is Not A Good Time To Skimp On Worker Training

– Bloomberg
With unemployment near a record low, many businesses have no choice but to spend to upgrade employee skills.
– Bloomberg
There are more than 6,000 state lawmakers and 36 governors up for election Nov. 6. The midterms will help determine which party holds an advantage when state legislatures start redrawing voting districts after the 2020 census.