About 3 years ago

07/06/2020 - After Reopenings Stall, Can Restaurants Survive A Second Coronavirus Blow?

-The Wall Street Journal
Surging COVID-19 infections have cash-strapped restaurant, bar owners wondering how long they can survive.
– The Washington Post
Increased reliance on temporary and contract work will have negative implications on job quality and security because it “is a way of saving costs and shifting risk onto the worker.”
– The Wall Street Journal
Prior downturns were largely led by lower spending on such things as cars, houses, and factories while this one is hitting the service industries. That change has meant Latino and Hispanic workers are being particularly hard hit, and economists expect the jobs recovery to be slow and halting as COVID-19 cases accelerate around the country.
– The New York Times
Malls were already facing pressure from online shopping, but analysts now say that hundreds are at risk of closing in the next five years. That has the potential to reshape the suburbs, with many communities already debating whether abandoned malls can be turned into local markets or office space, even affordable housing.