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12/17/2019 - Small Business And The Fight For $15

-The Wall Street Journal
As the federal minimum wage rose from 1989-2013, small businesses in affected states suffered “lower bank credit, higher loan defaults, lower employment, a lower entry and a higher exit rate.”
– City & State New York
New York intends to take a different approach than California – rather than shoehorning independent contractors into a traditional employee model, it may create a third class of worker that includes portable benefits.
– The New York Times
While few expect the dispute between cafeteria workers at Loyola Marymount University and a food services company to stop Thursday’s planned debate at the campus – negotiators returned to the bargaining table Monday night – the episode is the latest evidence of the hold organized labor still exerts over the Democratic Party’s leading presidential candidates.
– The Wall Street Journal
The U.S. has enjoyed its longest economic expansion on record without triggering inflation as interest rates remain historically low.