About 2 years ago

07/27/2020 - Small Businesses Brace For Prolonged Crisis, Short On Cash And Customers

-The Wall Street Journal
Hopes for a quick economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic have been dashed, and companies are exhausting rescue funds. Many are shutting down or slashing jobs again.
– Associated Press
From The Associated Press: “The restaurant industry’s role in the economy is outsized compared to its share of overall GDP,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “As it is often among the first jobs for many workers, it is critical to the training of the American workforce. It is also a vital source of jobs and incomes for lesser-skilled and educated workers.”
A joint op-ed in TIME from Danny Meyer and Saru Jayaraman of One Fair Wage addresses tipping policies in the restaurant industry.
– The Washington Post
Political and business leaders say efforts by the business community helped Ohio contain the coronavirus in the early months of the pandemic.