About 2 years ago

07/27/2021 - States That Cut Unemployment Early Aren’t Seeing A Hiring Boom, But Who Gets Hired Is Changing

– The Washington Post
States that scaled back unemployment aid have seen a decline in teen employment and an increase in workers over 25, early evidence finds.
– The Washington Post
The pandemic has exposed fragile global supply chains across multiple continents. No sooner did the recent reopening of southern China’s Yantian port solve one problem than the closure of Bangladeshi factories until Aug. 5 created another.
– Forbes
The Restaurant Opportunities Center United held a press conference to release the results of a report on the state of the restaurant worker in 2020.
– The New York Times
According to a guest essay from a Cornell professor of trade policy, the United States should develop a digital dollar, not because of what other countries are doing, but because the benefits of a digital currency far outweigh the costs.