About 5 years ago

12/04/2018 - A Steady Job Beats A Higher Paycheck

– Bloomberg
One of the anomalies of the current U.S. economy is that workers seem more satisfied with it than economists are. It comes down to their view of the labor market: Workers are right to welcome its stability, and economists are right that wage growth is lacking.
 San Francisco Chronicle
The gig economy, hailed for freeing workers to set their own hours but assailed for stripping them of benefits and legal protections, doesn’t play much of a role in the state’s burgeoning cannabis sector.

What’s Really Happening To Retail?

– The Atlantic
In the biggest picture, the retail industry is working to figure out what Amazon-proof businesses belong in brick-and-mortar stores. For now, the answer seems to be restaurants.
– The New York Times
The New York Times commentary links Type A personality traits with the downfall of successful chief executives. The piece uses Nissan’s former CEO Carlos Ghosn as an example or a powerful leader that had a swift fall from grace and offers “four lines of defense to avoid the Ghosn-style debacles.