About 4 years ago

07/01/2019 - Subway Got Too Big. Franchisees Paid A Price.

– The New York Times
From The New York Times: “Sabotaged meatballs. The wrong soap. Franchisees say supervisors manipulated inspections – then took their stores. A company ‘hit man’ says it’s true.”
– The Washington Post
Bank of America will cease lending to detention centers and private prisons, making it one of the last big Wall Street bankers to cut ties with the industry as corporations wrestle with whether to cash in on President Trump’s immigration policies or create distance amid increasing public backlash.
– The New York Times
Ride-sharing companies are discussing labor classification with union leaders and it seems to be causing some confusion.
– Bloomberg
In recessions, workers with low education levels and those from disadvantaged minority backgrounds are often the first to be fired when a recession begins, and the last to be hired in an expansion.