About 5 years ago

05/31/2018 - That Summer Food-Stand Job Is No Longer Just for Teenagers

– The New York Times
You can still find high school and college students boiling hot dogs and cleaning the fryer at the clam shacks, country clubs and state fairs that spring to life when the weather turns hot. But the food that fuels a summer vacation is now more likely being prepared by temporary workers from other countries or local adults trying to make the gig economy work for them.
Expect more immigration enforcement headlines over the summer as ICE expands its workplace enforcement efforts.
– Bloomberg
Unions have quietly amassed successful organizing campaigns in the Southeast over the past few years. The upcoming Boeing election which is scheduled for this week is viewed by many as a proving ground for the labor movement in the region.
– Miami Herald
The nation’s largest backers of home loans are struggling with how to adopt their business model, and lending practices, to account for the future of work