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03/01/2018 - How The Supreme Court Could Reshape Employment Law

How The Supreme Court Could Reshape Employment Law

– The Atlantic

The conservative justices’ interpretation of the Federal Arbitration Act could cripple employee challenges to wage, hour, working-conditions, and job-status disputes.

In N.R.A. Fight, Delta Finds There Is No Neutral Ground

– The New York Times

As pressure from social media and advocacy groups has intensified, and calls for boycotts mount, more than a dozen companies have severed business ties with the N.R.A. since the massacre in Parkland, Fla. Just as quickly, a counteroffensive arose from gun supporters excoriating the companies for their stance, forcing business leaders to navigate the treacherous ground where social responsibility, ideology and financial impact converge. This conservative backlash highlights the challenge confronting corporations around the country that are struggling to cater to both ends of America’s increasingly distant political and cultural poles.

Red And Blue States Move Further Apart On Health Policy

– The Wall Street Journal

Increasingly, state health-care policy reflects the ruling party’s goals. In Democratic-controlled California, a patient with a costly medical condition may likely get relatively affordable premiums, while a young, healthy and self-employed professional could pay more. In Republican Texas, the sicker patient will likely do less well or go without coverage, while the younger, healthier one will have less-comprehensive options that may cost far less.

Uber: We’re Moving Away From ‘Antagonistic Relationship’ With Cities

– Politico

In its early years, Uber was known for its aggressive posture as it grew into a multinational operation, often spending millions of dollars to change regulations while upsetting local taxicab commissions and public officials. But with a new CEO at its helm, the app-based car service says it’s shifting gears in its approach to municipal governments, opting for more cooperative partnerships than it’s had in the past.