About 4 years ago

12/14/2018 - How Tech Workers Are Fueling A New Employee Activism Movement

– The Washington Post
What’s different about the efforts of these employees – along with those at other firms – is that they’re not merely pushing for traditional labor issues, such as higher wages or better benefits. Instead, some are publicly questioning their employers’ business decisions, opposing government contracts or bringing up broader moral questions about workplace policies.
The casual-dining chain owned by Dine Brands Global Inc. is benefiting from the unintended consequences of Trump’s trade spats. He put tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. Trading partners retaliated with levies on U.S. agriculture products, which has lowered demand in some cases, but, moreover, has helped reduce pork prices.

Plastic Water Bottles, Which Enabled A Drinks Boom, Now Threaten A Crisis

– The Wall Street Journal
Facing a consumer backlash and stricter regulation, companies are trying to do what’s eluded them for years: make a better bottle.
– Axios
For more than a year, the U.S. jobless rate has hovered right around 4% – including the last three months, when it’s been a mind-boggling 3.7%, a half-century low. Fast-growing companies desperate for workers have turned to accepting candidates with lesser skills, drug use and felony records, dispensing with long-held hiring red lines.