About 4 years ago

07/15/2019 - Where Teens Are Finding Summer Jobs: More Food Service, Less Retail

– Pew Research Center
To get a sense of the kinds of jobs teens are working and how that’s changed, the Pew Research Center looked at BLS data from July 2000 through July 2014. One trend jumped out immediately: a dropoff in teens working retail.
– The Washington Post
Amazon workers in Europe have protested during prominent shopping days, but Monday’s demonstration marks one of the first major strikes from U.S. employees on such a high-demand sales event.
– Bloomberg
Rising awareness of the downsides of plastic has provoked new restrictions around the world, particularly on single-use plastics. But alternative materials exact their own toll on the environment.
– The Washington Post
Restaurant associations and immigrant advocacy groups across the country were sending out mass emails to members and workers last week, alerting them to their rights should ICE agents knock on their doors.