About 3 months ago

07/22/2021 - The Noncompete Clause Gets A Closer Look

– The Wall Street Journal
Though the clauses have until now been regulated at the state level, attorneys and scholars who study competition policy expect the FTC to propose a federal rule that would outlaw noncompetes for workers below a certain income level and may impose limits on the duration or scope of the clauses.
– The New York Times
As business at big city hotels still lags, the pandemic may permanently change the industry’s approach to services like housekeeping and check in. But employees fear for their jobs.
– The Washington Post
Comcast is among several corporations that raised alarm about voting restrictions but donated to Georgia politicians who supported the state’s legislation.
According to new research from the University of Notre Dame published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, two common practices in the U.S. restaurant industry — service with a smile and tipping — contribute to a culture of sexual harassment.