About 2 years ago

09/21/2021 - ‘The Pay Is Absolute Crap’: Child-Care Workers Are Quitting Rapidly, A Red Flag For The Economy

– The Washington Post
Child care employment is still down more than 126,000 positions as workers leave for higher-paying positions as bank tellers, administrative assistants and retail clerks.
– Business Insider
Restaurateurs noted concerns over ‘ghosting coasting’ where a new hire works for a few days and moves on to the next restaurant before they are let go due to a lack of skills.
– The Washington Post
The two-month protest ultimately altered what is expected from politics and politicians and what is demanded from our government in times of need.
– The Hill
A former lawyer for the U.S. Labor Department during the dawn of the Reagan presidency who enforced OSHA laws for nearly 40 years reflects on current views of the agency’s purpose today.