About 3 years ago

05/27/2020 - Trump Administration Examining Idea Of Back-To-Work Bonuses, Kudlow Says

– The Wall Street Journal
A proposal by Sen. Rob Portman would provide a temporary $450-a-week bonus for unemployed workers returning to work, on top of their wages.
– The New York Times
Even as American employers let tens of millions of workers go, some companies are choosing a different path. By instituting across-the-board salary reductions, especially at senior levels, they have avoided layoffs.
– The New Yorker
Tunde Wey, the New Orleans-based activist-artist and cook, has a radical vision of a more equitable culinary world.
– Medium
While Domino’s is certainly benefiting from the rise of delivery (especially during COVID-19), one of the main reasons they did so well over the past decade has been the alignment of their business and their business model.