About 5 years ago

05/29/2018 - Trump’s Next Economic Threat: Surging Gas Prices

– Politico
A huge jump in driving costs in recent months is likely to fuel a wave of economic anger across the nation – just in time for the midterm elections.

The Washington Post
A new study by research and diagnostic testing firm Quest Diagnostics has revealed a disturbing trend: More employees are testing positive for drugs in their system. With an increasingly tight workforce, many employers may have no choice but to accept these candidates and employees.
– The Blaze
In recent months, unemployment rates have continued to decline to their lowest in nearly two decades. However, that good news has created a problem for some restaurant owners, who now struggle to find workers to hire. With fewer people looking for jobs, and more restaurants popping up all the time, restaurant owners find themselves short-staffed.
– Reuters
Study after study shows that money stress can be as bad for workplace productivity as back pain. That is why companies are providing a more robust menu of voluntary financial wellness benefits, sometimes with cash incentives or discounts, to help employees manage their money.