About 3 years ago

05/29/2020 - Two-Thirds Of Laid-Off Workers May Temporarily Be Receiving More Money In Unemployment Benefits Than They Did From Their Jobs

Two-thirds (68%) of jobless workers would bring home more money from their state unemployment insurance plus the $600 weekly supplement from the federal government than they would have on the job, according to the University of Chicago researchers.
– Bloomberg
As states around the country attempt to restart their economies, lack of child care will continue to keep some people – mostly women – from getting back to work.
– The Wall Street Journal
Recycling centers are closed in some states leaving households a choice of getting buried by bags of empty cans and bottles or tossing away money.
– The Hill
The economic devastation caused by the coronavirus has hit women particularly hard, a contrast to the 2009 downturn that was known as “the men’s recession.”