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03/23/2018 - U.S. Companies Are Pressuring Their Workers On How To Lobby And Vote

U.S. Companies Are Pressuring Their Workers On How To Lobby And Vote

– The Washington Post

U.S. businesses are cultivating a new political resource: their own workers. When Republicans wrote their tax bill late last year, many companies pushed their employees to support specific policy provisions and to let their lawmakers in Washington know. UPS, for instance, hosted employee town halls with Republican politicians to advocate for the bill. Vice President Pence even urged a group of CEOs to visit their companies’ cafeterias to get employees to help lobby for the bill. Episodes like this one have become much more common across companies large and small in recent years. The Washington Post asks the questions… Why do businesses try to turn their employees into lobbyists? And does it work?

Americans Are Starting To Shop More Like Europeans – And That Should Terrify Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, And Kraft

– Business Insider

Aggressive retail expansion over the past 10 years and increased consumer access to private label products from stores like Aldi, Lidl, and Trader Joe’s have led shoppers to have more choices than ever before – and it’s contributing to a “new retail revolution.” This rapid shift in purchasing preferences is being led by urban and millennial shoppers who appreciate value over brand loyalty and is threatening the dominance multinational food brands once enjoyed.

In Nafta Talks, U.S. Tries To Limit Junk Food Warning Labels

– The New York Times

From the New York Times: The contentious negotiations over the fate of the North American Free Trade Agreement have veered into one of the world’s most pressing health issues: fighting obesity. Urged on by big American food and soft-drink companies, the Trump administration is using the trade talks with Mexico and Canada to try to limit the ability of the pact’s three members – including the United States – to warn consumers about the dangers of junk food, according to confidential documents outlining the American position.

Starbucks Promises 100% Pay Equality For Women And Minorities

– Fortune

Starbucks has been on a quest to improve the lives of its workers and is aiming to eliminate pay disparities based on gender and race, a move that it says will level the field for employees across the globe. The coffee giant said Wednesday it would achieve and maintain 100 percent equal pay for all its employees, known as partners, who perform similar work in company-operated markets.