About 4 years ago

08/05/2019 - U.S. Hiring Slows Modestly, But Employers Still Say This Is A ‘Golden Age’ To Get A Job

– The Washington Post
In July, the economy added 164,000 jobs, and unemployment remained at 3.7 percent.
– The Hill
In fact, when we asked who bears the greatest responsibility to help the workforce prepare for a changing economy, black, Latino, and Asian American respondents were more likely to say that the federal government held more responsibility than individuals and their families, employers, colleges, K-12 schools or state governments.
– KOMO News
Even as jobs disappear, new ones might make up for the losses, the new McKinsey Global Institute report suggests.
England’s largest retailers are now selling 90% fewer plastic bags than they did before a 5-pence plastic bag fee began in late 2015, the U.K. government says. In the past year alone, the retailers’ sales fell by nearly half, from more than 1 billion bags to fewer than 550 million.