About 2 years ago

12/30/2020 - Uber, Gig Companies Seek Labor Deals To Avoid Workers Becoming Employees

– The Wall Street Journal
Food-delivery platforms in Europe are offering couriers extra benefits in the hope of averting costly legislation on employment rights.
– The Washington Post
Texas, Florida and some other Republican-led states are bucking federal advice to provide early doses of the new coronavirus vaccines to front-line workers, choosing instead to prioritize the elderly – a decision exposing fissures in the nationwide immunization campaign.
From CNN: “Guy Fieri has been on the front lines of helping the industry recover from losses felt from the pandemic, raising more than $21 million through his Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. With a new documentary, he shows prominent names from the food world not as TV figures, but as business owners who do not take lightly the responsibilities put on them to support their own families and those of their employees.”
– The New York Times
The industry employs millions, and the upheaval it experienced played out in the lives of many Americans.