About 4 years ago

09/20/2019 - Uber And Lyft Drivers Gain Labor Clout, With Help From An App

– The New York Times
Rideshare Drivers United is not a household name within the labor movement, but its growing clout challenges the notion that highly dispersed workers are nearly impossible to organize absent a deal with their employer or the state, which can come with strings attached.
– Vox
Experts want hotels to factor in the entire supply chain when considering the environmental impact of a change.
– Reuters
In the UK, Burger King will stop handing out plastic toys in its children’s meals and said on Thursday it was launching an amnesty for customers to return any freebies in a bid to tackle the growing problem of plastic waste.
– The Washington Post
Several states have recently taken steps to push employers, schools and the broader culture to move with them, and help dismantle a culture of discrimination experienced by black women and men who say they continue to face implicit or explicit pressures to conform, unwelcome comments or even outright discrimination.