About 3 years ago

12/09/2019 - Understanding The Skills Gap And What Employers Can Do About It

-Brookings Institution
The skills that employers value and rely upon are changing. In turn, a “skills gap” has developed in which employers struggle to hire appropriately trained workers.
– The Washington Post
One of the few head scratchers in this strong jobs picture is why wages aren’t growing as fast as they did in the late 1990s, when yearly wage growth routinely topped 4 percent.
– The Wall Street Journal
The promise of chemical recycling has existed for decades, but high costs and a lack of demand made it financially unviable.
– The New York Times
The study found that only 8 percent of people employed in white-collar professions are black, and the proportion falls sharply at higher rungs of the corporate ladder, especially when jumping from middle management to the executive level.