About 2 years ago

05/28/2021 - Unionized But Impotent? Row Erupts Over Gig Workers’ Labor Proposal

– The Guardian
New York bill would give gig workers a path to unionize but at a steep price, opponents say, as the bill wouldn’t define them as employees.
– The Washington Post
Nearly half of adults in the United States who have not received a coronavirus vaccine are concerned about missing work as a result of side effects from the shot, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll.
– The Wall Street Journal
Food-delivery companies did record-breaking business during the pandemic. But even at the height of their success, they still weren’t making any money.
– Fast Company
A job that Ed Bastian calls “unusual” has been further complicated by a global pandemic that shut down travel, growing pressure to diversify corporate ranks, and, more recently, calls for executives to speak out on political and social issues.