About 3 years ago

03/18/2020 - Universal Basic Income Gains Traction

As Congress works with the Trump Administration to implement economic relief for the Americans impacted by Coronavirus, proposals tangentially related to Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend are under serious discussion.
Many state unemployment insurance programs are ill-prepared for the downturn.
– Stateline
Some Democratic state lawmakers, like their congressional counterparts, are redoubling their efforts to pass paid leave legislation, arguing that the spread of the novel coronavirus proves that workers must be able to stay home without losing pay when they’re sick, quarantined or caring for a family member.
The continuing availability of agricultural workers illustrates the paradox of America’s food supply in the age of COVID-19. One end of the food supply chain has been completely upended as restaurants go dark and consumers prowl half-empty aisles of supermarkets. Food producers, though, are operating almost as normal – at least for now.