About 2 years ago

08/21/2020 - Unpredictable Work Hours And Volatile Incomes Are Long-Term Risks For American Workers

– The Brookings Institution
From the left-leaning Brookings Institution: “Just-in-time scheduling practices put workers in a vulnerable financial position – both by destabilizing earnings and by disrupting their access to safety net programs – and make it difficult for them to arrange childcare, attend school, or pick up a second job.”
– Employee Benefit Adviser
Just as COVID-19 has led some employers to question the necessity of having employees come to the office every day, the current economic crisis could lead to a broadscale re-examination of the standard pay cycle.
– Fast Company
The debate over “corporate purpose” is headed toward a crossroads this November.
– FOX Business
Digitization has enabled brands like Chipotle to adapt quickly during COVID-19.