About 3 years ago

04/02/2020 - Virus Rips Into Middle-Class America, Where Finances Are Fragile

The cohort’s share of the U.S. national wealth has been reduced to the smallest since the Fed began keeping these kinds of records in 1989 – dropping below 25% at the end of 2019.
– The New York Times
As the coronavirus wallops the world’s economies, France is rapidly emerging as a test case of whether a country can hasten the recovery from a recession by protecting businesses from going under in the first place, and avoiding mass joblessness.
– The Hill
The new rules are intended primarily to provide relief for restaurants and small businesses and to keep alcoholic products available to customers. But the developments mark a sudden shift in state alcohol laws, which traditionally have been resistant to change.
– Bloomberg
The biggest food delivery app in the U.S. will start delivering goods from 7-Eleven, Wawa and other convenience stores to Americans who are mostly stuck at home for the foreseeable future.