About 5 years ago

09/19/2018 - Wages Are Low And Workers Are Scarce. Wait, What?

– The Atlantic
The low unemployment rate and stagnant pay point to a depressed economy underneath.
An internal RNC survey shows many Republican voters “don’t believe there is anything at stake” in the midterm elections.

Machines Will Do More Tasks Than Humans By 2025 But Robot Revolution Will Still Create 58 Million Net New Jobs In Next Five Years

– World Economic Forum
The latest research released this week from the World Economic Forum forecasts that by 2025, machines will perform more current work tasks than humans, compared to 71% being performed by humans today.
– The Washington Post
The complaint with the federal EEOC is the latest of several legal efforts that take aim at Facebook’s core business of targeting advertising to highly tailored groups of consumers, a model that earned the company over $13 billion in revenue last quarter.