About 3 years ago

11/27/2019 - Walmart Wants Robots In Stores. Target Doesn’t.

-CNN Wire
Walmart and Target are taking different approaches to add robots in stores, a split that will have an impact on the companies’ massive workforces and shape the future of automation in retail.
– Bloomberg
A Bloomberg Opinion columnist questions the company’s recent foray into the grocery space pointing out that, “The company has a lot of experiments, but nothing has stuck yet.”
– The New York Times
Democrats debated the issue Wednesday, but the real debate is with Republicans: over which workers would qualify and whether to pay for it by borrowing from their future benefits.
– Inc.
Early this year, the Labor Department announced the minimum salary to be exempt from overtime pay will be $646 per week, or $35,548 per year. Any of your employees that earn less than that must be paid overtime if they work more than 40 hours in a week. But those aren’t the only people that have to be paid overtime – if you don’t meet the “duties test” you need to be paid overtime as well.